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“What we have learned is that the more you help people, the more blessings you receive in return.”




Brian Leichner entered the insurance industry in 1986 selling Life and Health Insurance for a major mutual life insurance company. Brian excelled and placed more than 100 life policies per year. By 2001, he was deeply involved in benefit plans for small to medium sized companies. He loved helping clients grow and several of his clients earned recognition for their growth at that time.  Brian himself also received national recognition in sales, sales management, training and education. Meanwhile the company he helped launch was acquired and Brian became the sole owner of Pro Source Insurance. 

Pro Source Insurance grew under Brian’s leadership, but as legislation changed, so did the way he was able to work with his clients, and he enjoyed it much less. 

Brian decided to join Amy, offering his sales expertise to Pro Insurance Resources. Their combined skills, talents and fun-loving personalities have helped Pro Insurance Resources develop a strong team of agents who are making an important impact on the distribution of Medicare. 

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